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    TAE Technologies

    TAE was founded in 1998 to develop the ultimate clean energy solution: a commercial fusion power source that is compact, cost-effective, capable of sustaining the planet for centuries, and safe in every way.
    The patented technologies created for TAE’s unique approach to fusion are now being leveraged for adjacent innovations in electric mobility, power management, and more.
    In all sectors and around the world, TAE is committed to creating a bright future for us all.

    TAE Technologies and Natural Selection Tour Team Up to Reduce Carbon Footprint with TAE Power Management Solutions

    Another Step Towards Breakeven Fusion

    Google-backed TAE Technologies raises $280 million from new, existing investors

    Claiming a landmark in fusion energy, TAE Technologies sees commercialization by 2030; raised nearly $1 billion to harness the power of the sun

    TAE Technologies Partners with Japan's Institute for Vision Science (NIFS) for Fusion Fuel Research

    Fusion Energy Milestone from TAE Technologies Validates Path to Cost-Competitive Carbon-Free Baseload Energy Company Raises Additional $280M for Reactor-Scale Demonstration Facility

    TAE Technologies Wins INFUSE Awards to Further Fusion Energy Research

    Can AI Help Crack the Code of Fusion Power?

    TAE Technologies Gains Renewed Admission into DOE INCITE Program to Further Fusion Energy Research

    TAE Technologies Appoints New Executive Leadership

    TAE Technologies Announces First Subsidiary Company for Life Science with Potential to Reshape the World of Oncology

    TAE Technologies, Inc. Named 2018 Global Cleantech 100 Innovator

    TAE Technologies Achieves First Plasma in World's Most Advanced Plasma Generator


    Michi Binderbauer

    PHD, CEO and President


    Jonathan Toretta

    Senior Vice President


    Artem Smirnov

    PHD, Chief Technology Officer





















    The Promise of Fusion

    Nuclear-Fusion Firm Hits Funding Record With Plasma Breakthrough

    TAE Technologies Expands Executive Team with William Coaker as Chief Investment Office


    TAE Life Sciences secures $30M in initial B round to accelerate development of unique boron delivery drugs for novel cancer treatment, boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT)

    TAE Technologies Commercializes Breakthrough Power Management Technology Developed for Fusion to Revolutionize Electric Vehicles, Charging Infrastructures, and Energy Storage

    Fusion Energy Leader TAE Technologies Welcomes Marco Areas to Board of Directors

    TAE Technologies Welcomes Secretary of Energy Rick Perry on Tour of World's Leading Private Fusion Energy Facility

    TAE Technologies Named Energy Manager Today 75 Honoree

    TAE Technologies' Fusion Machine Exceeds Prior Operations and Performance Levels in Record Time

    Do Androids Dream of Fusion Generators?

    TAE Technologies and Google Combine Human and Machine Interaction to Further Plasma Science

    Former US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz Joins Board of Directors for Fusion Energy Leader TAE Technologies

    Powering the World With Fusion

    TAE Technologies Appoints CTO Michi Binderbauer as Company President