Activ Surgical

Activ Surgical

Partnered 2021

DOVSF: The Future of MedTech

AI, Surgical Devices, Computer Vision and Robotics Transplants

Series B / B1

Activ Surgical
Activ Surgical
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AI, Surgical Devices, Computer Vision, Robotics Transplants


Preventable medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death each year. Activ Surgical is on a mission to enable real-time and best-in-class surgery – for everyone.

Activ Surgical is building hardware-agnostic surgical software that allows minimally invasive surgical systems (laparoscopes, arthroscopes and robots) to autonomously collaborate with surgeons.

Their ultimate goal is to eliminate unintended surgical complications, improving patient outcomes and providing savings to healthcare systems.



CEO / Manisha Shah-Bugaj

MD, PHD, Founder and CSMO / Dr. Peter Kim

CTO / Tom Calef