• DOV Singularity Fund (DOVSF)

    An alternative investment vehicle with optimized process.

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    Portfolio Companies


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    Enterprise Value under DOVSF umbrella

  • Proprietary Top-down View

    We integrate our top-down views on the globaleconomy,financial markets,industrial and technological trends into our investment process with the aim of making better decisions with better information.

    Risk-balanced High Return

    Unique investment approach is based on a disciplined due diligence process that measures risk while identifying the industry trends for increased value. To capture the maximized upside, we defend DOV’s ownership through exit.

    Manifolded Liquidity Events

    DOVSF delivers maximized liquidity for LPs within a full market cycle through active management and allocation into companies of different stages with diversified growth potential, scalability and financial performance.

    Multi-strategy Value Creation

    Access to investments in great businesses where DOV’s capital, vision, strategic insights, global network and operational support can drive transformation, at lower fees than traditional VC.