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    Real Estate

    DOV Real Estate Fund (DOVREF)


    DOV offers access to real estate investment opportunities with potential for attractive income and capital appreciation, low-to-moderate risk, and lower correlation relative to the market conditions.

  • Our Advantages

    We strategically invest in high-quality, multi-tenanted assets in high-demand locations to generate outsized return driven by macro insights and geo observations.

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    Unique Market

    We focus on prestigious real estate generally located in major metropolitan areas and geographically attractive areas. Our team utilizes a research-based approach, due diligence experience and highly specialized skillsets and expertise, allowing us to identify the outperforming opportunities in the changing market conditions.

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    We value a long-term relationship. Utilizing a value-driven approach and our relationships with real estate owners, brokers, sponsors and lenders, we provide our investors a wholistic solution of real estate investment through all market cycles and across the entire risk spectrum.

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    We find and create value for our investors by leveraging the full spectrum of real estate investments primarily in the US with the optionality to extend exposures globally into Asia and Europe to capitalize on cyclical recovery opportunities and navigate in a higher inflationary environment.

  • Our Strategies

    Our strategies cover the real estate and infrastructure landscape, offering investors exposure to equity and co-investment across private real assets markets.

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    DOV Core/Core+ business features strong assets with secured and stable return with moderate leverage including residential assets in major cities of U.S. and logistics, hospitality, office and retail assets in global gateway cities.

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    Our opportunistic business acquires undermanaged or distressed assets across the world to rebuild and maximize their value before selling the assets and returning capital to our investors.

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    Our value-added business invests in the assets that require management and/or structural improvements with the goal to sell high after repositioning or redevelopment.




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