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Partnered 2021

DOVSF: Better Microbes. Better Crops. Better World.

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AgTech, Sustainable Agriculture


AgBiome is a leader in developing innovative products from the Earth's microbial communities.

They strive to enhance the entire food value chain through microbial solutions, and solve the global problem by leveraging synthetic pesticide exposure on farm and food.

AgBiome was the first company in the world to sequence every strain they collected, allowing the development cutting-edge informatics tools to analyze genomes - The result is more highly active strains, innovative commercial products, and disruptive technologies with numerous applications.

AgBiome will capture substantial growth opportunities in the biologicals market which is projected to grow from $1.4 billion to $14.4 billion from 2020-2030.



Co-CEO, Scientific Leadership / Eric Ward

Co-CEO, Scientific Leadership / Scott Uknes

Chairman of the Board / Marijn Dekkers